Weyburn, Saskatchewan may not be the rock n roll mecca of Canada but it has  produced the talented Carson Aaron. Carson's music is a dynamic blend of blues, punk, and rock with a heavy dose of wailing electric guitar.

At age 10 Carson began taking piano lessons and at 13 learning the drums was the next step. Soon after the culmination of various rock groups took place and a young Aaron and his friends played simple hits such as “Smoke on the Water” and “Highway to Hell.”

At age 15 the formation of an influential band occurred. Carson took the helm as manager as well as drummer and songwriter for the group. Lasting three years the group played various festivals, recorded demos and a full length CD. The demise of this  band lead to Carson Aaron's solo career.

Carson is now playing consistently throughout Saskatchewan and has expanded to touring in Alberta, Manitoba, and Ontario.During such time Carson has organize a local rock festival known as Noise Fest. The event consisted of two nights, two stages, and twenty local bands, the first year was a success and Noise Fest 2015 is already in motion to happen May 2015. On top of touring and founding Noise Fest at only 22 Carson has recorded two EPs, and released a music video, with much more to add summer 2015.

Poised to storm a path through Canada's rock scene, Carson Aaron possesses a distinct sound and talent. This determined rocker from Weyburn, Saskatchewan is set to put his hometown on the map.